She just felt empty, dismal, and she hated to admit…depressed. SPLIT DECISIONS

This is an excerpt for a follow up novel to the romantic-suspense bestseller, She Belongs to Me. Though there aren’t really any spoilers, you can bypass this sample and read more about the first book here.

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When they’d first married, they didn’t have to freshen up before making love in the morning, but that time had departed. And even though she was turning forty, Jordan was forty-five.
Not that it mattered. Time had only intensified his good looks. His laugh lines, a result of always smiling, served only to make him appear more distinguished. His physique, solid and trim, didn’t appear forty-five either. His hair had grayed around the edges, but again that only made him look more mature, sexier.
Jordan crawled under the covers, proceeding to nuzzle her neck. He worked his way over her collarbone with tiny kisses. “Mmm, Jaynee, you smell good enough to eat.” His warm breath caressed her shoulders, sending shivers down her body.
A deep sigh escaped her throat. He was wonderful. She never felt anxious when Jordan was here, when he was holding her.
But summer was over, the kids were back in school, and she had too much time to contemplate and wonder…why do I feel so unfulfilled? She knew it wasn’t Jordan. She didn’t want anyone else. She just felt empty, dismal, and she hated to admit…depressed, but couldn’t pinpoint why. Her insides felt torn in two as if she were missing an integral part of herself. What more did she want?
Jordan lifted her chin. “You okay, love?”

Nodding, she buried her face into his chest. She was currently, but wasn’t certain where she’d be tomorrow. She had to decipher what was wrong, and she needed to do it fast.

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