"A Troubled Past" excerpt from bestselling romantic-suspense SHE BELONGS TO ME

This week our female protagonist, Jaynee, struggles with confessing her troubled past:

What was he implying? He mentioned feelings but also said “my love”. Warmth overflowed her veins again, and she was positive her heart would pound through her chest. For the first time in years, she wanted to trust someone, wanted to believe. Dare she succumb, knowing he would shatter her sanity? She didn’t possess the strength to resist nor did she want to. But would he get up and leave the moment she disclosed her past?

“Where would you like me to begin?” Her throat was so dry; her words came out in a raspy murmur as if she hadn’t spoken all day. “How much do you want to know?”
“Everything.” He leaned back against the arm of the couch and stared into her eyes again.

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Carmen DeSousa

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  1. Ooh, love a nice, dirty secret past. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I hope she decides to trust him and then I hope he deserves her trust! You've got me very involved with these characters...excellent excerpt! Happy New Year & best wishes!

  3. Very nice description of her thoughts.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I've tried to give a little sample of all the main characters over the last five weeks. It's tough to know just how much to promote to intrigue without giving away. Glad you're enjoying the excerpts. I've been around to as many as I could get to today, but some websites are harder to comment and retweet than others. I've been enjoying the snippets though. Happy New Year, friends!

  5. Very intriguing, and you've done a great job showing Jaynee's emotions!

  6. Nice internal monologue! Great visual descriptions of her visceral feelings as well...

  7. Women with dark secrets always make the best heroines!

  8. Ah, the eternal conundrum. Nice six.