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'It's cold outside, so stay inside and read' HOT SALE! FREE & Bargain Bestsellers!

It's that time of the year again! The time when you just want to stay snuggled up on the couch--reading!  So, I'm having a HUGE SALE ... biggest EVER!!! Of course, all my books are always priced 'less than a latte' each, but sometimes, I like to give you the firsts in my series FREE or at a super bargain price. Oh, and for those of you who've asked ... the Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection will be available on Barnes & Noble's Nook, iTunes' iBooks , and Kobo by 02/28/2015. Split Decisions , the one y'all have been asking about, is already there. Romance, betrayal, obsession... For a limited time, my #1 bestseller She Belongs to Me  is FREE at all eRetailers ! Amazon   iTunes   B&N   Kobo   Smash Romantic, heart-wrenching whodunit... Amazon Only ! Coming to all eRetailers  02/28/2015! Prepare to believe the unbelievable! Creatus (They Exist) will be $0.99

What to read BEFORE Fifty Shades of Grey... #AmReading #AmWriting :)

No...I haven't read  Fifty Shades of  Grey ... not even the sample, but... Before you think that I'm a prude, hang in there with me ... you might agree. The thing is...I  have no trouble with the book  Fifty Shades of  Grey --or most erotic books for that matter. In fact, it shocked one of my writing communities when I--a Christian--disagreed with Smashwords attempt to censor books. See ... the way I see it, if we start censoring books, eventually they'll start censoring everything. And who draws that line? Some people have even accused me of writing  Mommy Porn . I assure you, I don't, though. But that's the point. Someone will always have their clean monitor set higher or lower, so who knows where that fence is. I do, however, think anything regarding underage children or abuse against beings that cannot defend themselves, should be censored, because one, it's vile, and two, it's an illegal act. T wo consenting adults, though... I just don't

Looking for a book date this weekend?

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! Whether you have a date or not, I know most of you still like to snuggle up with a book over the weekend, and what better weekend than Valentine's Day weekend? The first two are free for all ... so just click and download! After that, all my books are priced less than a latte each, so you can afford to read up! Short Story Mysteries with a Paranormal Edge The Pit Stop – A Short Story - Always FREE!  The Depot – A Short Story - Always FREE! The Library – Follow-up Novel to The Depot   Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection She Belongs to Me Split Decisions Land of the Noonday Sun Entangled Dreams When Noonday Ends Paranormal Romantic-Suspense Series Creatus  (They Exist) Creatus Creatus Rogue Creatus Eidolon The Watermen Series A Solstice with Jacky Waterman