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No Need To Be Rude!

I understand there are celebrities out there who view themselves as God and do not deserve the respect they are given. But, as fans we do not have to pay tribute to their eccentric ways. We can ignore them, we can refuse to buy their books, go to their movies.  What we should not ever do is be rude. Just because “We pay their salary” does not give us the right to be ill-mannered. How would you like it if your boss treated you that way? I am not famous, yet, nor do I really ever want to be “famous”. I write because I have something to say and wanted to share it with the world. Unfortunately, however, I am accustomed to the limelight. My mother was a fairly-famous singer, and when I was a teenager I traveled with her on tour. Never, I told myself, would I ever submit myself to that life! Most of the fans were nice, though grabby, but some were downright rude. While on stage, I actually watched in horror as a woman ran up to the stage and pulled my mother's dress up and atte