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A Glimpse at the "Bad Guy" from SHE BELONGS TO ME

This week, I am going to take you into the head of the bad guy:   Excerpt from 1st chapter: Outside, hidden in the vegetation at the back of the property, he watched in frustration. He should have made his escape when her husband found her. He hated envisioning him with her, but couldn’t bear to leave. So he waited and watched, questioning her intentions, wondering why she had a gun. Now he would have to stay and observe, sit by as her husband wept over her. As if he cared about her. Her so-called husband could never love her the way he could. He wasn’t supposed to be her husband. It was all a mistake. A travesty he intended on rectifying as soon as possible. He would wait now, as he had for years. He had an abundance of practice with waiting. She would survive, of course she would. She belonged to him--forever. According to readers,  She Belongs to Me  is a sensual and gripping read that will have you falling in love and wondering who you can trust right

Ah, the first kiss, is there anything better?

    Whether it’s sweet, sensual, or demanding, all good romance novels have them.  It is usually the turning point. The part of the book where the protagonist gives in to her wants and needs. The part we all wait for. The part where the tension has become too much to handle, and she simply succumbs. The best part. Or, at least in my mind anyway. But, I was curious if any of my readers agreed, so I compiled a collection of first kisses from published and almost-published authors. Please encourage these writers, and let them know what you thought of their first-kiss scene by commenting below, visiting their blog, or even better, buying their novel. Beside each author’s name is the title of their book. If I did everything correctly, it should take you directly to their Amazon page or sample. Enjoy! Carmen DeSousa , me, of course : She Belongs to Me “Jaynee, I don’t know how to say this without scaring the heck out of you, or my

"Prelude to a First Kiss" excerpt from bestselling romantic-suspense SHE BELONGS TO ME

  SHE BELONGS TO ME He had wanted to kiss her something fierce. His entire being longed for her, and he could see she was attracted to him as well, but he’d restrained himself. Something told him this might be his last first-kiss. It should be special, not standing in a parking lot. Still, the emotions were powerful. He wanted to sprint up to her once she pulled in her driveway, but he couldn’t. She’d run in terror. She would definitely think he was stalking her. He would have to be patient. But he didn’t know if he could. Jaynee had gotten under his skin, unlike no women ever had. Letting her go wasn’t an option. According to readers ,  She Belongs to Me  is a sensual and gripping read that  will have you falling in love and wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page. And best of all, you can download FREE at most retailers: Amazon Amazon UK Barnes and Noble   iTunes Kobo Until next time, happy reading! Ca