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"It's you, isn't it?" Excerpt from the New Release in the Creatus Series ~ Paranormal Romance

Creatus Series For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one creatus will endanger them all by breaking one of their laws: falling in love--with a human. For my covers, I usually choose a scene out of the book. Here is the scene that inspired this great cover by Viola Estrella.  This is just an excerpt. If you'd like to read the first three chapters you can read them here . Greg slid his hands around her waist and pulled her closer. The room blurred for a second, and she stumbled backward into his arms, feeling as though she might fall. He steadied her. “You okay?” “Yeah. Just hot, I guess.” He lifted her hand and pulled her toward the door. “Let’s go get some fresh air.” Kris followed behind him gratefully. “That sounds good.” Beads of sweat dripped between her shoulder blades even though she could feel the air was cool. Greg led her down a st

Are Book Covers that Important? My answer might surprise you...

Thanks to Wendy at Fabulosity Reads for this great question: Are Book Covers that Important? My answer to this question might surprise you… Nowadays, if you’re an Indie author, I don’t think they are that important. Wait! Wait! Don’t leave! Hear me out. Yes, it’s important that you have a professional cover, that it not look as though you cut out images from a magazine and pasted them on a page with ‘comic sans’ font. But let’s face it … if you’re here, you are a reader who probably buys the majority of your books online or an Indie author who publishes your books online. The days of looking beautiful on the front table at Barnes & Noble are nonexistent for most of us, so that’s not what’s going to sell your book. And isn't that what a great cover is supposed to do? Look at the top twenty bestsellers on Amazon. What do you see? Yes, there are a few newbies, but the majority of authors, who hold those precious spots for more than a week or so at a tim

New Release by bestselling author of 'happily ever afters', Bernadette Marie @WritesRomance

Caught between the traditional Korean culture of her mother and the fun-loving Irish heritage of her father, Kym O'Byrne has never felt truly at home ... until she inherits the O'Byrne Karate School in the sleepy Colorado town of Aspen Creek. Staying focused and disciplined is her game, but something buried deep within the eyes of the grouchy handyman, John Larson—father of some of her most promising students—threatens to turn her strict world on its end.  Bernadette Marie is the bestselling author of the Keller Family Series and the Matchmake Series. You can find all her 'happily ever after' romance novels and even download a couple of FREE bestsellers on her Amazon Author Page . Aspen Creek Series Book One ~ First Kiss Book Two ~ Unexpected Admirer Book Three ~ On Thin Ice Book Four ~ Indomitable Spirit Thanks for stopping by, please visit my  bio  for more information about what I write and what I like to read and share.  Until next time, h

If I don’t remain focused on my task, I get distracted, and Twitter is now the most common culprit.

After twenty years of virtually no writing, I sat down one day, put my fingers to the keyboard, and just started typing. Two months, a neglected house, and very few restful nights later, I had a 120k-word novel. When I write, I do nothing but write. Writing literally consumes me morning, noon, and night. I don't want to eat or sleep. You thought I was going to say "or drink", didn't you? If you are a writer, you know that is the one thing writers do not give up—drinking. And for me, it's not alcohol, it's a steaming-hot latte in the morning, an iced latte in the afternoon, and then only because I have to feed the machine, I may throw in a protein smoothie of some variety in the evening if I don’t have time to eat. If it's not prepackaged and easy to prepare, I'm not interested. Only the writing matters. But there is one thing that sidetracks me—Twitter. I've taken advice and shut down my Internet Explorer, turned off notifications on

Read the first three chapters of the Creatus Series! Paranormal Romance Excerpt

Creatus Series For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one creatus will endanger them all by breaking one of their laws: falling in love--with a human. CHAPTER ONE Bored beyond belief by the instructor’s dull and repetitive lecture, Derrick leaned back in his chair, wishing he could skip this part of his training. He’d already gone through extensive preparation and instruction, and by all accounts, had his PH.D. in Internal Medicine. As with the rest of the residents at his family’s small hospital, though, he needed to complete his education in the US and receive an accredited degree. The double doors of the auditorium burst open, and a young woman barreled into the didactic session. A backpack slung over one shoulder, causing her to walk with a slight tilt, and her long platinum hair fighting to escape her ponytail captured everyone’s attention from the s