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Happy New Year! I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be the best year--EVER!

First things first, I need to read my end-of-the-year post from last year to see where I've been and if I've done any of the things that I wanted before I move onto my goal for this year. So excuse me for a second while I drop down to the bottom of this page and read last year's posts. Here's a fun video while you wait, that I truly believe helps me not worry about the little stuff--such as poor reviews. It's a hard lesson, but one of the things I learned last year was that a few bad reviews don't hurt an author. In fact, I think they help! A note about the video, something that--based on a lot of yapping from the general public--I think many people miss. Taylor Swift isn't the prettiest young lady in the public eye, and she isn't the best singer, but she knows that. Notice, she can't do the moves of her back-up dancers, she's clearly not a ballerina, and to make her point, she falls at the end. She also brings in a lot of average Jane

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading! Did you get a Kindle? Fill it with Great Book Deals here!

Merry Christmas, my avid-reading friends! I hope y'all are enjoying time with your friends and family over this special time of the year. And hopefully you got some new toys ... like NEW KINDLES ... or iPads, or iPhones, or Tablets ... or even some Amazon Gift Cards that we all look forward to on Christmas Morning.  As always, I have a few gifts and a few discounted books for you to fill those new gadgets, so take your pick! $2.99 ~ Romantic Suspense Entangled Dreams FREE ~ Mystery with a Paranormal Edge The Depot (When Life and Death Cross Tracks) $2.99 ~ Mystery with a Paranormal Edge The Library (Where Life Checks Out) $0.99 ~ Romantic Fantasy or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Christmas with Jacky Waterman Almost all of my books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. If you like book series and read more than two books a month, Kindle Unlimited is the way to go.  For more information, visit my Amazon Page  and click on the  Read f

Last week to play FREE Secret Santa and even win gifts for yourself! #AmReading #Giveaway

How many of your friends will you win a gift for, and what will you win? Every year, I try to do something special for my readers, but attempting to get the biggest and  bestest   gift doesn't always work well, since that leaves so many other readers without gifts. So, this year, I wanted to do more. I decided to give away ONE HUNDRED gifts. And, ALL gifts will be awarded before Monday, December 22, so you and/or your friends will receive by Christmas. Grand Prize ~ $50 Amazon Gift Card Runner-up Prizes Southern Romantic-Suspense Paperback Collection Creatus Series Paperback Collection She Belongs to Me Audio Book And Ninety-Five eBooks!!!   So, here's how it works... Absolutely NO Purchase is required. All you have to do to unlock the grand prize and the rest of the 99 gifts is to sign up for my newsletter. Many of you are already signed up, so just post your email into the entry, which automatically registers you for the grand prize or the run

Did you know The Depot & The Library were based on a real ghost story? #Mystery #Paranormal

In 1989, I worked at a restaurant in Rockledge, Florida called Ashley’s Cafe. Although fictional, my idea for The Depot and The Library stemmed from the ghost who haunts the 1930s tavern. My fascination with the restaurant came about the first night I served as the restaurant’s general manager. I’d worked there for almost two years and had never heard or saw a thing, but my first night in my new position was a different story. It’s been so long, I barely remember all that happened, but one thing that I’ll never forget is one of those large oval trays—that can’t possibly balance on its side—came sliding across the floor at me. Also, a five pound bucket of water spilled across the floor when no one was near it. Maybe the ghost was just reminding me who was boss. But the most nerve wracking occurrences throughout the years was the number of employees—including myself—who felt as though someone had pushed them down the service stairs. My husband—who happened to be a pol