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CREATUS (The reason we believe in fairy tales--and Monsters) Paranormal - Suspense

In every myth there is a modicum of truth… Creatus T he reason we believe in Fairy Tales—and Monsters. As the sun’s rays peeked above the horizon, lighting the abyss below her, she inhaled a deep breath, closed her eyes, and jumped. She didn’t scream ; she didn’t look down. As much as she hated her life, she hoped it wouldn’t end this way. She’d really like to see him one more time. Her life didn’t flash before her eyes as she’d always heard. Just an image of her mother covered in blood and her Dark Angel telling her he was sorry . The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story... It's a  realistic  twist of the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe... Start the Creatus Series FREE! iBooks ,  Nook ,  Kobo ,  Smashwords Or. . save by downloading them all... The first three books in the series are only $5.99! Creatus  Boxed Set Amazon ,  iBooks ,  Nook ,  Kobo But wait ... t

I don’t write YA Books; I write about ‘people’ in my novels, and yet…

... young adults seem to enjoy my books. For that matter, I have male and female readers, homemakers and executives , and the youngest one of my readers I ’ve met is fifteen, and the oldest is eighty something. I have avid readers who read a book daily. And the other day, I just learned about a woman who’s never read a book in her life, but is going through a traumatic situation so a friend of hers gave her my book because she said it was as if I was writing her life. The young woman read When Noonday Ends in one day, and then moved on to the rest of my stories . If you’re an author, isn’t that the best? The thought that I'd touched someone because I chose to write about real situations had me in tears when I heard this. As I was writing my sixth book, I figured out why my books aren’t for just one age group: I write about 'people'. It doesn’t matter your age. If you are even remotely cognizant about the challenges we all face in life,

In every myth there is a modicum of truth, CREATUS ~ Supernatural Romantic-Suspense Excerpt

In every myth there is a modicum of truth… Creatus , the reason we believe in fairy tales—and monsters. In my new novel, for the first time ever, I deleted the prologue and the first chapter and jumped right into the story, but I do love prologues, as I know many of my readers do as well, so I couldn't part with it. Instead, I'm going to give you a first peek at my new novel, and a little insight to the above scene. I hope you enjoy. Creatus Prologue Kristina cowered against the damp building , looking to her mother for direction. Even at eight, she could see the wild gleam in the man’s eyes. Pepper spray in hand, her mother pushed her toward the street. “Run, baby!” A knife glinted in the man’s hand as he held it up in front of him. “I just want the jewelry and your money, lady . Don’t make me hurt you or the kid.” Her mother took her eyes off him for a fraction of a second. “Run, Kris—” Her words cut off as the man slammed the knife into