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Excerpt ~ Meet Tom Turner, defense attorney in WHEN NOONDAY ENDS.

When a new attorney accepts a case of a woman accused of attempted homicide, he finds himself entwined in age-old secrets and a family who will stop at nothing to conceal them—even murder. As always, I like to start a new series of excerpts by introducing my protagonists. Today we are in our female protagonist’s POV, as she meets her attorney, Tom Turner. If you haven’t and would prefer to read the full prologue first, click here . Excerpt : Shelby examined Tom as he sat across from her. Man, he was good looking. She probably shouldn’t be thinking about things like that, but she couldn’t help it. He had the prettiest hazel eyes that stood out under long sun-bleached eyelashes. His hair was light brown, but it too had a natural hint of gold in it. He dug inside his briefcase. “So,” he began, as he removed a manila folder with her name written neatly across the tab. “They dropped the charges?” It was a question, not a statement. He folded his hands on the tabl

WHEN NOONDAY ENDS (Nantahala Series Book II)

New Release When Noonday Ends Nantahala Series Book II When a new attorney accepts a pro-bono case of a woman suspected of attempted homicide, he ends up with more than he bargained for. She’s the ex-wife of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Ashville, and her in-laws will stop at nothing to conceal family secrets—even murder. Unable to ignore his attraction, he gets closer than he should. But when all evidence points to the woman he’s falling in love with, he will risk everything—his reputation, disbarment, maybe even his life to uncover the truth.  Download When Noonday Ends : Amazon Amazon UK Barnes & Noble iTunes the prologue here . I love talking about all things books, so please connect with me via one of the links below. Twitter Facebook Goodreads

THE DEPOT (When Life and Death Cross Tracks)

They say The Depot is haunted. But in all the years homicide detective Mark Waters has visited the old train station turned restaurant, he’s never seen proof. Until now . As he investigates a suicide by train, he learns secrets of a murder that took place eighty years ago may directly affect his case. The Depot (When Life and Death Cross Tracks) A Mini-Mystery with a Paranormal Edge After your preview, be sure to download the first in the series, FREE! Prologue Edda should have known he’d deny her. Deny seeing her, deny being with her. Her friend had warned her, but she’d thought he was her chance to escape the life she’d been living. A chance to be someone. A chance at love. Ever since she’d moved out of her momma’s home, life had been difficult. She could barely even pay her way at the boarding house where she stayed. At nineteen, the only thing she had going for her was her looks and body, even though it’d been a challenge getting her size ba

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If you enjoy romance, mystery, suspense, and even a hint of paranormal ... I have a few to start you on your journey, and some are FREE!  She Belongs to Me Southern Romantic Suspense Charlotte ~ Book One After secrets and a mysterious background leave a wife’s life  hanging  by a thread, a husband must look for answers in the only place  he   knows —the past. Amazon US Amazon Worldwide iTunes Barnes and Noble Kobo If it's not free in your region, use Smashwords Paranormal Romantic Suspense The Creatus Series For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one creatus will endanger them all by breaking one of their laws: falling in love--with a human. Creatus is a new romantic-suspense series with a paranormal edge based on the myths and fairy tales you've heard about preternatural sentient beings. Prepare to believe... Creatus  (They Exist) Creatus

Now Available! WHEN NOONDAY ENDS ~ Here's the prologue, but...Spoiler Alert!

Just when you thought it was safe to head back to Nantahala, another killer is on the loose, and this time we have a new hero and heroine determined to find the vicious murderer before another life is lost. If you haven’t read Land of the Noonday Sun , you may want to now. Because someone’s back, and everything you thought you knew about this character, you didn’t. Spoiler Alert!!! You will not have to read  Land of the Noonday Sun  to understand  When Noonday Ends , but you will not enjoy reading  Land of the Noonday Sun  as much if you read second. Just sayin’.  J Skip excerpt and read more about Land of the Noonday Sun You're still here... Yay! On with blurb and excerpt, then: When a new attorney accepts a pro-bono case of a woman accused of attempted murder, he finds himself entwined in age-old secrets and a family who will stop at nothing to conceal them—even murder. Prologue Sitting at the rear of the courtroom, Tom Turner’s mind