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You Must Make Time to Write! #AmWriting #Blogs

Kids, day job, pets, errands, cooking, cleaning, socializing—I mean marketing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and on, and on, and on. Oh, wait a minute! I forgot writing . How in the world am I ever going to find time to write? Not to mention, editing and READING! You have to beta read in return for all the wonderful people who read your rough drafts—God help my wonderful beta readers. The answer is you can’t find time ; you must make time . It’s as simple as that. If you’re a writer, it is imperative that you make time to write. As  with anything you do, you must keep your mind sharp or your craft will diminish. My college professor told me Hemmingway would read every word of his manuscript each day before he even attempted adding another word to his work in progress. Can you imagine? No, I can't either. But I do know this; when a story is in my head, I need to get it out. The longer it sits there, the weaker it becomes. So, no matter what you have

March Book Frenzy via @eNovelAuthors ~ BESTSELLERS from FREE to $3.99! #Giveaway

The Merry-Go-Round   ~ Romance Flaps Down  ~ Contemporary Romance Falling for Jack  ~ Sweet Romance Quintspinner  ~ Young Adult Adventure In The Beginning  ~ Alternative History Timelapse  ~ Time Travel Romance No More Mulberries  ~ Romantic Drama She Belongs to Me  ~ Romantic Suspense ~ FREE Thanks for stopping by, please visit my  bio  for more information about what I write and what I like to read and share.  Until next time, happy reading! Carmen DeSousa a Rafflecopter giveaway An InLinkz Link-up

Love to read Romantic Suspense? Share these bestsellers and WIN an Amazon Gift Card! Widgets Amazon just sent me money for sharing book suggestions... Silly people ... don't they know I'd do that anyway? So, as always, I take the opportunity to meet new friends by enlisting my current friends to share the news about my FREE books, hoping of course, that you'll want to read more. Consider my free books as my gift to you, like a cup of coffee so we can get acquainted. And … after you download your free book, share this post and send some of your friends to the site for both of you to register for the giveaway! Simply put, the more friends you send, the more chances both of you have to win. To me, 'Word of Mouth' will always be my favorite way of meeting new peeps! I still look to my friends for reading suggestions. The first free story I offer is truly an appetizer, as it takes only one hour to read. If you like a touch of paranormal mixed in with your mystery, download The Depot absolutely FREE.  At 106,000 words, my nex

ENTANGLED DREAMS (Life isn't a fairytale), the title says it all.

When Alexandra was eight years old, she thought she was a princess in a fairytale , but she didn’t know she was one tragedy away from reality. Now twenty-two, disaster strikes again and she’s determined to change her life. Unfortunately, one night of indiscretion propels Alexandra into a situation that will force her to make choices that will eventually endanger her life. It’ll all come down to two men, one decision , and a final encounter that will change their lives forever.  Although Entangled Dreams is book four in the Southern Suspense Series, it is a standalone novel. Download for 'less than a latte' and enjoy my twist on the old-fashioned fairytale .  Entangled Dreams  ~ Life isn’t a fairytale . Amazon US Kobo Barnes & Noble iTunes Amazon UK

The New Release in the Paranormal Romance Creatus Series is now available!

Ancient myths, superheroes, vampires... Forget everything you've heard. For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who almost hunted them to extinction. Now, one rogue wants the world to know they exist.  The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story ... it's a  realistic  twist of the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe... The Prequel ~  Creatus  (They Exist) Book One ~  Creatus   Book Two ~  Creatus Rogue Creatus Eidolon  is Coming  Soon! Kindle Unlimited Members, read the entire series FREE!

What’s in a genre? Who really decides? I write NOVELS. #AmWriting #Blog

After hearing all the comments and reviews during my querying process, I eventually came to the realization that nobody knows exactly what niche a book will fit snugly. One publisher may say not romantic enough, while another says too romantic. One may suggest mystery, another says definitely romance. ( true story) Does it really make people feel better if they can classify a book as romance, modern, contemporary, thriller, mystery, suspense, and the list goes on with so many sub-genres I’ve lost count. The only genres I can easily put a label on are paranormal and fantasy, but then again, even those waters are now muddy with all sorts of sub-genres. Then, I hear, if I write romantic-suspense, I cannot add a little paranormal in the mix. Your fans will not follow you. Who makes these rules? Guess what, my newest series has all the romantic-suspense aspects my readers enjoy, but I threw in a paranormal twist.  Why? Because I make the rules, and I believe it i

New Release! Sexy, fun, and heartrending stories, The Buttery Memoirs by @MJKaneBooks

The Butterfly Memoirs M.J. Kane     And just released... Lonely Heart ! Butterflies symbolize change, evolution, the shedding of the old and bringing out the new...  Like butterflies in the spring that disappear into cocoons and emerge, completely changed, MJ's characters are no longer the same when their stories end. The Butterfly Memoirs are told by the characters themselves. It is Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, and Interracial Romance ... LIFE. Each story addresses the realistic trials every woman and man face in a relationship.  With more than 100 reviews in the series averaging five stars and always priced 'less than a latte', don't miss these sexy, fun, and sometimes,  heartrending  stories.  Book One ~  A Heart Not Easily Broken Book Two ~  Jaded And just released... Book Three ~ Lonely Heart You can also find MJ at... Barnes & Noble iTunes Kobo Smashwords Thanks for stopping

Kindle Matchbook

Paperback Did you know... Amazon has a program called 'Kindle Matchbook'? It offers customers who purchase, or have previously purchased, a print book from the option to purchase the Kindle version of that title for $2.99 or less. Well, since they gave me a choice, I'm offering the Kindle versions FREE! Yep! If you buy the print version of any of the paperback  books , you can download the Kindle option absolutely FREE!  Christmas will be here before you know it... So if you have any avid-reading friends... Hint, hint! Can we say two gifts for the price of one! Or Buy one Give one! Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection A passionate romantic -suspense of love, betrayal, and obsession, She Belongs to Me will have you falling in love and wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page.  Charlotte police officer Jordan Monroe is used to being in control. Ever since his father died, he has provided for his mother and sisters and

Meet my Leading Men:

Different men, different backgrounds, different lifestyles, all searching for the same thing. Of course ... when I say meet my men, I mean ... let me describe them to you.  I've always been adamant about not having men on my bookcovers . To me, the best thing about reading is that my imagination builds up in my mind what I believe the leading character looks like, and my image will always be different from the readers.  One of the reasons I believe movies fall short for avid readers. Yes, I do have a lot of male readers, but men are visual. LOL! Happy imagining , ladies!  All books are available at all retailers, but unless marked, because of space, I used Amazon links. Meet Derrick Ashton, doctor and hospital administrator, along with some hidden talents: Creatus (They Exist) The Prequel Excerpt: If Derrick had been her doctor, she never would have fussed about going. In fact, she probably would have made up excuses for regular examinations. His brooding