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“What if I don’t want it to end?” Excerpt from LAND OF THE NOONDAY SUN:

Our protagonists have just spent a wonderful day together, but as the sun begins to set, so does reality, and our male hero is not sure how to proceed. Excerpt: His lips enveloped hers again. As cool as the water felt, her insides boiled. Fastening his arms tightly around her, he kissed her until she felt lightheaded. His lips finally stilled, and he retracted a few inches, sighing deeply. His nose glided back and forth across her cheek as his hands moved up her arms and cupped her face. “What are we going to do, Cassandra?” “Right now,” she burst out. Laughter was good. He looked too serious. “I was thinking pizza.” He chuckled too, but there was an edge to his laugh, and then his countenance grew serious. His eyes searched hers for an answer to his question. She touched her fingers to his lips. “Shh…let’s not think about anything at the moment. Can’t we just enjoy today? It’s been a long time since I've had a vacation. I feel as though I am away somew


The first thing people ask me when they learn I am an author is, “Oh, what genre do you write?” My short answer: I write Romantic Suspense My long answer: I write modern-day fairytales filled with romance, mystery, suspense, and tragedy. After all, what's a great fairytale without a tragedy. My stories are sensual but not erotic, gripping but not graphic and will hopefully make you cry, laugh, love, and hope. Ah, I love to write out the long answer. If my description appeals to you, please check out my new release: Landof the Noonday Sun When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun. Cassandra is the beautiful, yet analytical daughter of a wealthy attorney. Destined to follow in her father’s footsteps, her life of privilege suddenly shatters, and she finds herself with no home, career, or money. A glimmer of hope a

Just Romantic Suspense ~ Guest Post ~ Carmen DeSousa via @JustRomSuspense

I'm visiting with Just Romantic Suspense today, sharing a deleted scene from She Belongs to Me . Please stop by and say, "Hi!" She Belongs to Me is a romantic-suspense through and through. The first scene literally starts with a bang, and from there, I take you through the lives of two people destined to be together, but life has a way of confusing the real issues and leading us down a scary path. I’m not giving away any secrets, because you know from the synopsis that my female protagonist ends up in the hospital in a coma; the question is why—or who? I’m just going to take you behind the scenes to a neglected scene. I say neglected, because I wanted to show this, but knew I didn’t have the room, so I purposely left it out. From the first chapter: Jordan is in the hospital emergency room, waiting on word of whether his wife is dead or alive. R ead deleted scene at: Just Romantic Suspense

Denise Moncrief’s “All About Heroes” Interview with Carmen DeSousa

Today I have the wonderful opportunity to visit with Denise on Suspense, She Writes and share some information on the hero from my new release coming soon,  Land of the Noonday Sun. Please stop by and learn how you can get a FREE copy of this romantic-suspense the day it releases. Look forward to chatting with you, Carmen New release: Land of the Noonday Sun My bestseller in romantic-suspense, She Belongs to Me , is discounted to .99 cents by the publisher for a limited time to celebrate my new release.

"And then she met him..." Excerpt from WIP ENTANGLED DREAMS:

ENTANGLED DREAMS , my third novel, is releasing this summer. I do not have a cover, but I loved this picture, which I believe epitomizes the first scene. Now, if you’ve read any of my novels, or excerpts, you know I don’t do happy-go-lucky beginnings, and as in any good fairytale, a little rain must fall. Or in the case of my stories, I prefer a monsoon. If you missed the first few excerpts, click here . Don't worry; there's a link which will bring you right back. This week’s excerpt: It sounds like your typical fairytale, but it isn’t. There are no furry creatures to help the princess prepare a gown for the prom, no fairy godmother to waive her magic wand and produce glass slippers. In fact, at age sixteen Alexandra found herself living on her own with no family contact and no prospects of a healthy, normal life. Alexandra had only one advantage, if you could call it that. Alexandra was beautiful. But so far, her beauty had not opened any doors; ac

To celebrate the release of LAND OF THE NOONDAY SUN, for the first time ever, SHE BELONGS TO ME is only 99 cents!

LAND OF THE NOONDAY SUN When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun. Land of the Noonday Sun will be out next week, so to celebrate, and because we have a surprise for our readers, we are offering She Belongs to Me for the first time ever at only .99 cents. But wait, there’s more. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Because, there really is more. If you love She Belongs to Me enough that you’ll want to read Land of the Noonday Sun , AND are one of our first fifty reviewers, comment to this post with the permalink to your review, and we’ll “gift” you Land of the Noonday Sun , as soon as it releases. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it. Oh, I know. A brief description…here you go: SHE BELONGS TO ME After secrets and a mysterious background leave a wife’s life hanging by a thread, a husband must look for answers in the only place he knows—the past. She Belon

A private peek into the psyche of the protagonist from the Madison Knight Series by Carolyn Arnold:

Review for Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold Office of Doctor Eaton, Psychiatrist, P.H.D by Carolyn Arnold: "So just sit back and relax—" "I’m only here because it’s mandatory.” Madison Knight loved being a cop with its leniencies to act on instinct and be afforded some freedom. She hated being told she had to do something. She remained leaning forward on the edge of the chair, elbows to her knees, her eyes drifting to the door. The doctor—if you could call her that—either didn’t notice or didn’t care. She crossed her legs, gripping her notepad tightly to her chest as she made the movement. "Tell me more about you, and what makes you tick." "What makes me ‘tick’?" Madison laughed. "First, you sound like my mother. She loves talking in clichés." "And that bothers you." The psychiatrist sat back further into her chair. "Clichés or my mother?" "Now we're getting somewher

Sweet, sensual, or demanding, all good romances have them. Do you remember True Love's First Kiss?

          Whether we are young and innocent...    Older and wiser... We all remember the first kiss from our true love. Each time I release a new book, I search for some of the best first-kiss scenes in novels to share along with mine. I hope you'll agree these are some great picks. In the interest of space, I provided you with the name of the novel, which is a link to Amazon and the author's profile page. Without further ado, let's read! LAND OF THE NOONDAY SUN by Carmen DeSousa   His hand slid up her other arm and wrapped around the back of her neck, resting there. His other hand moved to her face. He simply gazed into her eyes for a second, giving her a chance to say no, but she couldn’t find the power to resist anywhere inside her. “You’re beautiful, Cassandra, and so incredibly feminine. I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment on the riverbank. I hated seeing you shivering; I wanted so badly to comfort you.” S