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"She found the body as she was opening for the day." Sneak peek at THE LIBRARY

Cover for 'The Library' is not available yet, but this library was my inspiration for the description. If you haven't read  The Depot , please skip this sample and grab the FREE book via one of the links at the bottom of this post. This is week two, if you missed the first sample, you can catch up here . “Waters,” Captain Andrew Davis shouted before he even entered the detective’s division. Davis had such a booming voice he could have called from his office on the other side of the police station and Mark would have heard him. Knowing how Davis demanded respect , Mark stood to greet him. “Yeah, Cap’n?” “You got a stiff.” Mark narrowed his eyes in confusion , wondering why Davis was delivering the report, not dispatch. But instead of questioning his superior, he waited for him to finish. Captain ran his hand over his chin . “We’re going together. My wife called me. Said she found the body as she was opening for the day.” “I’m sorr

New Release! UNFORGIVING PLAINS by @ChrisSteen1991 #ContemporaryRomance via @5PrincePub

Unforgiving Plains Christine Steendam Rayna Fields is a successful realtor in Calgary, but when she receives a visit from a lawyer, her whole life is turned upside down. She hasn't seen or heard from her father in twenty years. Not since her mother packed her and their belongings in a truck and drove off Fieldstone Ranch. Now, she has to make her way to Foremost, Alberta, the "wild west " of Canada and deal with the dilapidated ranch that was left to her by her estranged father. Struggling with her feelings towards her father who has passed on, a ranch in financial distress, and other problems that crop up along the way, Rayna turns to the one person willing to help; Vince, the hired hand. But will his past destroy everything she's worked towards? And will she be able to forgive , and find beauty in Alberta's wild plains? Download Unforgiving Plains:   Amazon US For more links and great books, visit 5 Prince Publishing Than

First peek at THE LIBRARY, follow-up novel to the bestselling short THE DEPOT.

Cover for 'The Library' is not available yet, but this library was my inspiration for the description. Hello, friends. It's time for a new segment of Sample Sunday posts. This week, I'm giving you a first peek at The Library, which picks up six months after The Depot . But since I know most of you who've read The Depot  want to know what's happening with Detective Mark Waters, I'm giving you the entire prologue and then a snippet of the first chapter.  If you haven't read The Depot , please skip this sample and grab the FREE book via one of the links below. PROLOGUE Wade inserted the key into the deadbolt the same time he did every night. Only this time, the door glided open as though some unseen force had invited him inside. The house was quiet. Too quiet. Usually he’d hear the sound of the TV, a kitchen timer alerting that dinner was ready, or the constant boom from the stereo upstairs. But this evening,  tomblike  silence greeted

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"Can you make me what you are, then?" CREATUS Paranormal #RomanticSuspense

In every myth there is a modicum of truth… Creatus The reason we believe in fairy tales—and monsters.   This is just a sample. If you want to start at the beginning, you can read deleted scenes and the first chapter   here , or read on for this week's excerpt. He gazed into her eyes, attempting to impress on her the importance of this conversation . “If I tell you, Kristina, your life as you know it is over. You’ll have to stay with me forever. My family won’t allow you to leave once you choose. That’s why I wanted to wait until you were older.” Kristina lifted her chin, steeling herself, a question in her eyes as she struggled to understand , it seemed. “Can you make me what you are, then?” His jaw practically fell open in response. He hadn’t expected her to accept that he was different so easily . “Can you turn an ape into a human? No, I can’t make you what I am; I’m a living being like you.” Her body trembled, and she gathered the blan

Forget the supposed 'writing' rules and write a great story!

Yesterday I read a post on writing a great book… You know those posts... The type  that  attempt to teach you all the things we learned in Comp-1 about punctuation and sentence structure , and then the dynamics of writing a story that we learned in Comp-2, where we read all the great works of literature throughout the ages. Yep, that stuff. I’m sorry, but if you don’t know that you need to insert a comma before a direct address, no writing post on the World Wide Web is going to help you write a great book. Of course the post also included all the other stuff that ‘professionals’ throw at aspiring writers: Don’t use prologues Don’t use adverbs Never use a dialog tag other than  ‘ said ’ Never use ‘asked’ as a dialog tag Never use ‘had’ in non-dialog writing Don’t sigh  or huff your words Never write in first person Blah, blah, blah … So, being the curious author that I am, I decided to download samples of the top ten books on Amazon

"You’re...real. You’re flesh and blood." CREATUS #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense Excerpt

In every myth there is a modicum of truth… Creatus The reason we believe in fairy tales—and monsters.   Feeling her gaze burning through him, he cast a glimpse in her direction. “You’re… real ,” she finally sputtered, a quiver in her voice as she touched his arm. “You’re flesh and blood.” Huffing out a chuckle at her words, he attempted to contain the nervousness of her accusation, as if she ’d discerned there was something unusual about him. He didn’t look any different from any other twenty-eight-year-old male. He’d always assumed that once they met, he could convince her that she’d been mistaken as a child when she told the police officer that her dark angel had saved her. “Of course I’m real ,” he said, attempting to add enough conviction behind his words so she wouldn’t question him further. The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story ... it's a  realistic  twist of the myths you've heard your