"She found the body as she was opening for the day." Sneak peek at THE LIBRARY

Cover for 'The Library' is not available yet, but this library was my inspiration for the description.

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“Waters,” Captain Andrew Davis shouted before he even entered the detective’s division. Davis had such a booming voice he could have called from his office on the other side of the police station and Mark would have heard him.
Knowing how Davis demanded respect, Mark stood to greet him. “Yeah, Cap’n?”
“You got a stiff.”
Mark narrowed his eyes in confusion, wondering why Davis was delivering the report, not dispatch. But instead of questioning his superior, he waited for him to finish.
Captain ran his hand over his chin. “We’re going together. My wife called me. Said she found the body as she was opening for the day.”

“I’m sorry,” Mark said, knowing Mrs. Davis was probably freaking out about now. The older woman had always held a special place in his heart because of all the years he’d spent in the library when he was a child.

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