"You’re...real. You’re flesh and blood." CREATUS #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense Excerpt

In every myth there is a modicum of truth…
The reason we believe in fairy tales—and monsters. 

Feeling her gaze burning through him, he cast a glimpse in her direction.
“You’re… real,” she finally sputtered, a quiver in her voice as she touched his arm. “You’re flesh and blood.”
Huffing out a chuckle at her words, he attempted to contain the nervousness of her accusation, as if she’d discerned there was something unusual about him. He didn’t look any different from any other twenty-eight-year-old male.
He’d always assumed that once they met, he could convince her that she’d been mistaken as a child when she told the police officer that her dark angel had saved her. “Of course I’m real,” he said, attempting to add enough conviction behind his words so she wouldn’t question him further.

The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story...it's a realistic twist of the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe...

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