#SixSunday "He Couldn’t Frame the Word" LAND OF THE #NOONDAY SUN #Novelines #MyWana

My Newest novel will be available this spring. So, I've been sharing little snippets of the prologue—six sentences at a time—until it publishes. If you’d like a brief look at the mini synopsis and last week’s six sentences, you can sample them through this link: Land of the Noonday Sun

We left you off last week with Walter hearing his father's peal of agony.

This week's six: “He couldn’t frame the word.

Walter bolted out of bed and sprinted down the hall toward his parents’ room. His heart pounded fiercely in his chest. His legs felt heavy and sluggish as if he was in a nightmare. “Dear God,” he prayed, “Please…”

Rounding the corner of his parents’ doorway, he saw his father administering CPR on his mother.

“Dad?” he choked out, his voice trembling, “Is Mom—” he couldn’t frame the word.

I hate to leave you here, but rules are rules. Want more? There is a sneak peek at Land of the Noonday Sun at the end of She Belongs to Me, available now through Amazon and AmazonPrime.

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