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I'm visiting with Just Romantic Suspense today, sharing a deleted scene from She Belongs to Me. Please stop by and say, "Hi!"

She Belongs to Me is a romantic-suspense through and through. The first scene literally starts with a bang, and from there, I take you through the lives of two people destined to be together, but life has a way of confusing the real issues and leading us down a scary path.

I’m not giving away any secrets, because you know from the synopsis that my female protagonist ends up in the hospital in a coma; the question is why—or who?

I’m just going to take you behind the scenes to a neglected scene. I say neglected, because I wanted to show this, but knew I didn’t have the room, so I purposely left it out.

From the first chapter: Jordan is in the hospital emergency room, waiting on word of whether his wife is dead or alive.
Read deleted scene at: Just Romantic Suspense

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