Her lips were inches from his, smelling of cherry and sweet bourbon. Excerpt from ENTANGLED DREAMS:

Ahh...the first kiss... One of my favorites. But since it happens in the second chapter, I figured it was okay to share.


She leaned toward him. He could see what she wanted, and he wasn’t about to succumb. He didn’t need some scorned woman using him. She inched her body closer, obviously cold in her little outfit and downing a frozen drink.
Instinctively, he wrapped his arm around her. She sighed, and he couldn’t help but feel the warmth emanating between them. She looked up at him and her lips were inches from his, smelling of cherry and sweet bourbon. He wanted this, too. No he didn’t, he tried to convince himself.
“Alexandra, please.”
“What? Am I not pretty enough, or do you have a girlfriend?”
He huffed lightly, shaking his head at her absurd question. Of course she was pretty and she obviously knew it. He felt no need to confirm her ridiculous question. “I don’t date. And I’m not interested in being used.”
She shook her head at him. “I already told you. I don’t want anything from you, Cameron. You can just drop me off at a store. I can call a taxi.”
Her eyes—glassy from drink or tears, he wasn’t sure—sparkled in the moonlight. The smell of the salty air mixed with her hair that smelled like coconut and the essence of smoke from the bar. The bouquet all converged with her scent to create a sensual aroma. He pulled her body closer, unable to restrain his impulse to kiss those full lips that would taste like cherry. She lifted her face to his, her lips slightly parted, inviting him in. He pressed his lips to hers and she reacted instantly. It was the alcohol he knew, the un-inhibiter, the aphrodisiac of all drugs. But she felt incredible. His mouth moved over hers, testing, experimenting. His tongue tasted her and he wanted more.
He pulled back first; this was wrong.

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  1. I love Cameron! He's so NOT wanting to kiss her, yet the moment he tells himself he's not, he does!!! Actions don't always reflect the thought! Great description too! I can almost smell the mix of scents! Great 6!