He dropped to his knees, his hands fluttering to her face in horror. Excerpt from SHE BELONGS TO ME:

After secrets and a mysterious background leave a wife’s life hanging by a thread, a husband must look for answers in the only place he knows—the past.

Excerpt from the first chapter:

Jordan ambled his way over to the French doors and attempted to pull the door shut, but something blocked its track. He switched on the overhead light, and she was there…
He dropped to his knees, his hands fluttering to her face in horror. “Oh, my God…Jaynee…What have you done?” He didn’t recognize the peal of anguish that escaped his throat.
Blood dripped off his wife’s forehead and pooled onto the planks of their wood deck. Her arm draped across the threshold. Beside her lay the .38 caliber revolver he gave her for protection when they first married.
Jordan’s first instinct was disbelief, and he wanted to inspect the gun to ensure it was hers. But his police training took over, and instead he knelt over her to confirm she was breathing. Thank God she was, but it was faint, and she was unconscious. 

As you read in the excerpt, Jordan finds his wife shot. Now he must figure how why she shot herself or if someone is to blame.

According to readers, She Belongs to Me is a sensual and gripping read that will have you falling in love and wondering who you can trust right up to the last page.

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  1. You hooked me! Just got it for Kindle.

    1. Awesome, Colette. I hope you enjoy reading "She Belongs to Me" as much as I did writing.