Why do authors write?

That’s a silly question… Because we have to.

"Don't make me kill you in my next book..."

Although, I often do ask myself why I write. And actually, to delve a little bit deeper, why do I write for others. It’s a lot easier just to write for myself, but nowI live to share my stories even more so than I lived to write for myself.

But back to my initial thoughtgotta stay off those bunny trails.

Without a doubt, I have to write, similar to a cowweird, but true. If I don’t write, I feel as if I will explode inside. Writing is therapeutic. If you’ve never written that letter where you’ve told your ex or your boss off, you may not understand what I mean. But trust mego do it now if you haven’t; you’ll feel so much better afterward. Just make sure if you’re writing it in email, don’t fill in the “to” area until you finish, and always wait and reread before you send. Often, just writing it out will get it off your chest.

I’ve always been a writer, but when I sat down three years ago to write my first book, I started writing a story to the people who’d wronged me. I made it into a fictional story, and then said to myself, hey, this is rather good; maybe I’ll go write a real one now, and so I did.

I took all the fun fictional ideas and rolled them into a story, and from there, I let several friends read them, and then several agents and publishers, and next thing I knew, my dreams that I’d waited twenty years to see come true actually did. The dream I’d set aside in college had come to fruition all because I decided to write down how I felt. And wow, did I feel better after I wrote it all out.

So try it. Create a fictional world where you can kill off your arch nemesis, have the mother you’ve always wanted, work the job you’ve always strived for, do the thing you’ve always wanted. And I know there are more, but since this is a PG13 blog, I’ll leave those other fantasies to your imagination.

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends.


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Until next time, happy reading, friends!


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