"You tell me your real name and I’ll tell you mine..." Excerpt from SHE BELONGS TO ME

From the first chapter. Jaynee has just met Jordan, and besides his strong southern drawl, there is something about him that tells her he's not from around here, and she wants to know more. And Jordan has asked her what her initials stand for, and she refused to tell him. We are in Jordan's POV.


“Where are you from?” she asked. “You’re not from Florida, are you?”
“Now why would you think that?” he teased, smiling. Maybe he could get her to let down her guard.
“Well, your accent obviously. Plenty of Floridians have southern accents, just not in Pinellas County. Even so, there is something else I cannot quite place, but I know it’s not a Floridian trait.” She relaxed deeper in the booth, crossing her arms, awaiting his answer.
Wondering what she was getting at but deciding to engage her until he got what he wanted, he offered a compromise. “I’ll make you a deal,” he hedged, staring into her eyes a fraction longer than necessary, watching as her eyes grew wider after a moment. “You tell me your real name and I’ll tell you mine and where I’m from.”
She sprung from the table. 
Oops, guess I lost that standoff, he thought wryly. 

According to readers, She Belongs to Me is a sensual and gripping read that will have you falling in love and wondering if you can trust anyone right up to the last page.

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  1. Always happy to revisit this book, really enjoyed it!

  2. There's tension in this, but there's also an almost playfulness in him. I like it. Terrific cover, BTW.