He wanted to love someone and for them to return that love. Excerpt from WHEN NOONDAY ENDS

When a new attorney accepts a case of a woman accused of attempted homicide, he finds himself entwined in age-old secrets and a family who will stop at nothing to conceal them—even murder.

Over the last few weeks, I shared peeks into my male and female protagonists’ psyche, giving you a glimpse at who they are. One of the other things I love is to share the outdoors. Here is just a snippet of nature and a sprinkling of the romance to come.

If you haven’t and would prefer to read the full prologue first, click here.


Tom walked out onto the deck adjacent the room and leaned against the railing. He stared out over Lake Nantahala. It was so peaceful this time of night, even the cicadas hadn’t emerged too early this year, filling the evening with their vociferous symphony. Instead, a few crickets and frogs provided a soft soundtrack almost lulling him asleep. 
The sun had already made its descent behind the trees, but the sky still had remnants of pinks and purples. The thought of enjoying the state he loved so much with a family bombarded his senses again. It wasn’t as though he was old; he wasn’t even twenty-seven yet. But he was ready. He wanted someone to spend his nights with, not just his bed. He’d been through that life, and it had left him unfilled. Momentary pleasure couldn’t replace deep-seated emotional desires, never had. If he was being honest, he wanted to love someone and for them to return that love.

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