What kind of sicko would do such a thing? SPLIT DECISIONS #RomanticSuspense #NewRelease

This is an excerpt for a follow up novel to the romantic-suspense bestseller, She Belongs to Me. Though there aren’t really any spoilers, you can bypass this excerpt and read more about the first book here.


Jaynee awoke with a start, salty tears streaming down her cheeks, burning her already chapped lips. She attempted to swallow, but didn’t have enough saliva to moisten her mouth. It’d just been a nightmare. The nightmare she used to have nightly after her father committed suicide. Though, she hadn’t had it in years. Not since Jordan had taken her away from her previous life, providing a stable home, love, and strong arms to shield her from the demons that haunted her.
Unfortunately, Jordan wasn’t here, and her surroundings were all too real. Pinpricks of sunlight streaked through the corners of the shaded windows, illuminating the dust motes dancing in the air.
The room was still dark in most spots, but she could almost make out her surroundings. It looked like a cabin of some sort. The walls were a dingy off-white or possibly just stained from years of exposure, but the ceiling and trim were dark wood along with the slatted floors. A musty scent permeated the area, irritating her sinuses, but she couldn’t even scratch her nose.

Cuffs still secured her to the four bedposts. What kind of sicko would do such a thing? 

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  1. Can't wait!! I love Jaynee and Jordan

    1. Thanks, Kim! I can't wait to share it with you. Hoping you'll love it! :)

  2. Whoo hoo! Bring it on, Carmen!

  3. Yum! I have the first book in the tbr, so I must get to it :)

  4. Wow. Very tense...! Great snippet! Makes me want more. :)

  5. Really well-written imagery. Looking forward to reading more.