Download five-star reviewed romantic-drama ENTANGLED DREAMS for 'less than a latte'!

If you enjoy a romantic drama with plenty of spark and suspense, Entangled Dreams is for you. 

As all my novels, Entangled Dreams is my idea of a modern-day fairy tale. A perfect life shattered, a heroine struggling to make her way in a cruel world, and a knight in armor who usually needs a little ‘shining’ up to be the hero.

Just a few of the reviews:

“I really love her books because she tells a great story about people who are not perfect, but are doing the best they can. Her heroes make me melt because they are not the typical hero…”

“Deeply flawed and human characters that Carmen does masterfully…”

“I was on the edge of my seat several times while reading this. I HIGHLY recommend Entangled Dreams…”

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