You won’t find any weak shells of men. They may need guidance, but they don’t need tamed.

My main male character in my first novel, Jordan, has taken a lot of flak. As has my second novel’s protagonist, Chad, and my third book’s leading man, Cameron, as will my fourth hero, Tom Turner, probably as well. And yet, 96% of the readers still love them.


Because I don’t write the typical male lead. You won’t find any weak shells of men here. My male protagonists may need guidance, but they don’t need tamed.

The common theme in many romantic-suspense novels is “the ‘bad boy’ whom the woman needs to tame”. Well, I won’t claim that my leading men are ‘good boys’, but I refuse to tame them.

Don’t get me wrong; they still change. Because they want to be better. Because the prospect of finding true love compels them. They are tough guys with imperfect pasts who are willing to do anything to be the men my female protagonists need. In every situation, they are willing to give up everything, even their own lives, to save the women they no longer can live without.

Some say controlling.

Again, I don’t see that. All my characters are products of the lives they’ve lived, the careers they work, and the experiences they’ve lived through. I think that in order to make a character believable, you have to be able to slip into their soul, which requires a lot of research.

When my main character is a police detective, you can be certain he’ll act like one. Often that means he’s accustomed to taking charge of a situation.

If he’s been through medical school, he’ll talk like it and be able to perform procedures.

If he’s an attorney, he’ll know the law and the repercussions of breaking it.

Rest assured, though, my women don’t roll over and play dead either. Butdon’t be surprised if they are content to have a man willing to be a man. So there you have it. If you want a man who’s not afraid of taking the lead, you’re ready to read my romantic-suspense novels. I hope you like them.

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Until next time, happy reading, friends!


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