Who says a buck doesn't buy anything anymore? #AmReading #BESTSELLERS!

While a buck might barely buy a cheap cup of coffee, a pack of gum, and heck my son asked me for a pack of Tic-Tacs® the other day and they were a $1.10, it will buy you five to ten hours of escape via an eBook.
And these aren’t just any books; these are bestsellers with great reviews.
Why do the authors offer them at such a low price, you ask? 
Easy! Just like that coupon you clipped out, we want you to try our books so you'll want to read more. But, no worries, all the authors I promote still offer ALL their books for ‘less than a latte’, so if they hook you, you can afford to READ UP and enjoy and still have money left in your wallet to buy that one cappuccino at Starbucks for $4!
In the interest of space, I categorized the books below by genre only, simply click on the image for more information.
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Until next time, happy reading!

Carmen DeSousa

As of posting, these great reads are all .99 cents, but please check price before downloading.

Romantic Suspense




Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance


  1. Thank you so much Carmen! You are such a sweetie! :D


  2. My pleasure, Suzan. You know how much I like to talk about Great Books at Great Deals! :)

  3. How nice to be insluded with other great authors! Thnaks Carmen.

  4. My pleasure, Mimi! I hope you are having a great weekend. :)