Life isn't one genre; why should our books be limited to one?

Did you know that The Help and Clan of the Cave Bear were turned down because of genre? 

Yes...because some exec somewhere didn't know how to market them. It required someone with vision. Someone who would sell a book based on its content with a great book blurb instead of worrying if it was in the top genre market or by an established author.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that if the writing is all over the place, it won't sell. But what's wrong with a little genre bending?

From my first book, I ran into trouble with agents and publishers who couldn't decide whether to classify my book as a romance or a mystery. It wasn't either; it was both. I know there are readers out there who only want mystery or just pages filled with swooning; but since I've always enjoyed a little of everything, I assumed there were readers who also enjoyed a mix. After all, isn't variety the spice of life?

Life isn't one genre; why should our books be limited to one?

My life starts out every day as a family comedy. I think most parents struggling with getting kids out of bed and off to school can attest to that. Then, as I start my day, I'd say my life is a daily drama of bills, work, medical issues, family and friends, and a mystery of what my future holds. Our lives are a constant suspense of what will happen in the next hour, tomorrow, weeks, and years. By nightfall, my hope is that my life will transform into a romance... I'll leave it at that. :)

So, yes, I genre hop just a tad. I fill my books with a mixture of romance, mystery, suspense, and sometimes, I even add a touch of paranormal into the mix. I do, however, always give you a description above every book that prepares you before you download, so you should never be taken by surprise. Well, other than 'whodunit' or 'what the heck's going on?' anyway. 

As always, happy reading and writing!


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