I'LL WRITE! A little ditty for you, my avid-reading friends, and a FREE story too.

"I'll Write!"

If no one read another word I wrote, I’d write.
If no one bought another book I wrote, I’d write.
If no more books ended up online, and all the printed ones faded with time, I’d write.
And though I’ve always wrote for me, now I mainly write for you.
And because you read what I wrote, I’ll write!

Okay, so clearly, I am not a poet, but I do like to write. So if you’re interested in what I write, read on...

To show you, my readers, thanks and to meet new readers too, I wrote a mini-mystery series just for you. Okay, I'm finished rhyming, I swear. Click any of the links below for your free story. 

Until next time, happy reading!


The Depot (When Life and Death Cross Tracks)

They say The Depot is haunted. But in all the years homicide detective Mark Waters has visited the ancient train station turned restaurant, he’s never seen proof. Until now.

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  1. Lol! I didn't think your poem is THAT bad. Kind of cute!

    1. Thank you, Tonja! I think I'll stick to writing stories, but I'm glad it gave you a chuckle. I think all writers and readers can attest to the meaning, though, and that's what's important, right? :)

    2. I'll always read what you write. Happy Mothers Day❤️����������

    3. Thank you so much, my friend! Happy Mother's Day to you too! ❤️❤️❤️