My Writing Process... It's okay if you laugh. #AmWriting

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What are you working on?

An easier question would be 'what am I not working on', but okay, you asked for it. I have three series running: The Southern Suspense Series, The Creatus Series, and a Paranormal Series with a Ghostly Edge, but apparently, that wasn't enough to keep my mind occupied. About four years ago, I penned a novel, but I wasn't sure where I'd sell it, as it wasn't Young Adult and it wasn't Adult, it was somewhere in between. I knew that it wouldn't work for either category, but I loved it, so I wrote it anyway, and then it's just been sitting in my computer.

Lucky me, in steps 'New Adult' in the last couple of years. So...even though I have three stories waiting in my other series, this book is already finished, so I decided to edit it before I move on. Of course, I thought this would be an easy task.!'s scary looking at your first WIPs. The good news is that an agent is interested, so...hopefully you'll see a line of New Adult Romance in the near future.

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

Well, as mentioned above, I don't stick with one genre. I don't read one genre, and my life isn't one genre, so why should I limit myself to writing in only one genre? My answer: I shouldn't. I write what I want. 

Now, how am I different... Many readers compare my writing (The Southern Suspense Series anyway) to Nicholas Sparks, Iris Johansen, Nora Roberts, and Sidney Sheldon. I agree with that, only...I'd say my stories have a little more 'spark' than Sparks, but they're not quite as racy as some of Nora's. I'd say I'm similar to Sheldon and Johansen with my suspense parts, but again, not as graphic as some of their scenes. I write sex and murder scenes, but they are usually behind closed doors. I believe in leaving some things to the imagination. 

As for my paranormal...probably the best way to figure that out would be to look at the reviews of the Creatus Series. Reviewers have mentioned Twilight a few times, but in a good way, simply because the series deals with mythical characters, but the story falls into 'magical realism'; I assure you...there are no sparkly vampires or beasts that can shapeshift into something ten times their size. Not that I don't enjoy those stories, I do. But, I tend to write stories that make the reader say, "Hmmm....what if?" :)

Why do you write what you write?

That's easy...because I have to. Like a cow that needs to be milked, if I don't write what's in my head, I might explode...or maybe just get really melancholy. meant why do I write the genres... Again, as I mentioned above, I love all those authors along with many, many more. I LOVE to read! But...if I can't find what I'm looking for, I write it. I'm not a fan of 'just' romance, 'just' mystery, or 'just' paranormal. I love a combination. I saw what I felt was lacking in the 'supernatural' genre, so I wrote it, hence The Creatus Series.

How does your writing process work?

Don't laugh... You saw above that I have four things going at once. Well, that's because I don't have a process. I have an iPhone with an app, and I'm not afraid to use it: 'My Writing Spot'. LOL! I simply jot down ideas wherever I am, whenever they hit me. I may never write the story, but if an idea hits me, it goes into the app. And I take that thing with me everywhere. Yes, even there. EVERYWHERE! At present count, I have--just counted--fifty-one ideas. Nope, I'll never run out of ideas.

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