"Even supervillains have a woman in their lair" Creatus Series

For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one rogue creatus faction wants the world to know they exist.

This is just an excerpt. If you'd like to read the first three chapters of the first book in the series, you can read it here

I left out the names from this week's sample, so as not to have spoilers. Also, last week was a little intense, so I went with something lighter to remind you that the Creatus Series is paranormal romance. J

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Woman, I’m trying to take over the world here. Or haven’t you noticed?”
She laughed. It was hard to stay angry with him. “Is that all? Don’t all supervillains have a woman in their lair, their only weakness?”
He pursed his lips, seemingly trying not to smile. “Some are smart enough to stick with cats.”
He sighed and turned the SUV, then pushed the stereo back on, turning it up.
She said nothing the rest of the ride. She’d gotten to him. She may not be experienced, but all women knew when a man liked them. He liked her—and he was attracted to her.

The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story...it's a realistic twist of the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe...

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