The great thing about writing is that you can kill off your monsters... #AmWriting #Blog

Christine asked: We all had a super scary villain we were afraid of (Jason, Freddy, etc.)  Who was your super scary villain and describe how you would successfully escape from them.

I answered: You knowwithout getting too dark, can I just say that those types of villains never scared me, but I’ve feared real monsters. My advice to deal with real monsters is to always speak up, never feel as though they have power over you, and then, kill them off in a book.


Pretty much all of us had an English teacher who tried to convince us to journal. Those of us who loved to read usually jumped at this, envisioning that one day, we might be a writer too. Although our teachers had good intentions with journaling--teaching us to write--those teachers who insisted, not because the state mandated, knew the real reason why we should learn to write.

Journaling wasn't just so we could write down stories that one day we'd publish. Teachers in the know told us to keep a journal because it's therapeutic. 

Even teenagers from perfect homes can suffer from angst, depression, hopelessness, and it's not always easy to share, nor does every teenager have someone to share their deepest thoughts and anxieties with. you probably knew this, maybe even tried it as a teenager, then your bratty brother or boyfriend found it and thought because you wrote an account of 'boy meets girl' that you were cheating on him so you gave it up.

Guess can start again. Teenagers aren't the only ones who need to get things off their chest, and not all of us are in need of actual psychoanalysis. Sometimes we just have dreams, fantasies, fears, or even revenge on our mind, but we're afraid to write it down because of what happened last time.

Find a journaling app on your Smartphone or on the web, choose a great password, and start writing. Who might end up with a great story.

Now you might be asking that what you did, Carmen? I'll never tell, but I do feel pretty good lately. J

Wanna delve into my imaginary worlds, try to figure out what's fact or fiction? My stories are available in print and eBook formats at your favorite retailer. I’ll even give you a free book just for stopping by. 

Until next time, happy reading and writing!


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