Who said it? Download Creatus and answer for a chance at a $100 GiftCard!

In celebration of Creatus Eidolon, Book Three in the Creatus Series, releasing at the end of summer, I figured I’d give all my avid-reading friends a chance at a $100 Amazon Gift Card, just in time for back to school shopping, as well as meet some new friends by playing a fun game. And, ten runner ups will receive a copy of Creatus Eidolon the day it releases.

On the raffle copter, there are questions from each of the three books already available in the Creatus Series? Simply type in who said a quote or answer a question for a chance to win. 

Hint: the boxed set contains all three books for only $5.99!

If you’re already a fan, you might be able to answer some of these questions without looking. If you haven't read the Creatus Series, click on a link for more information on this new twist of the myths you've heard your entire life.

Have a great summer reading...and hopefully winning!

Contest ends August 31, 2014, so feel free to come back daily and share the post for a free chance to win.

Ready? Great! Good luck!

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Oh...just to save you time... Here are the questions if you'd like to copy and paste, so you can find them while you read. But I assure you, they're easy...after you've read. :)

Creatus (They Exist)
The first night Derrick meets Janelle, where does he follow her home from?
What’s creatus’ favorite food?
How is Janelle related to Kristina?
Who said: “You are so not a guy.”
Who said: “The family won’t allow it. She’s a liability. And if it didn’t work…”

From Creatus (Book One)
What mythical creatures are creatus most like?
What’s special about Derrick’s mom?
What secret does Ry share with Vic?
Who said: Maybe she was dead, because she could swear she’d just heard him say he’d be back.
Who said: “That was some kiss.”

From Creatus Rogue (Book Two)
What does Vic drive?
What city is the safe house in?
What’s Vic’s favorite wine?
Who said: “You really are a dominatrix, aren’t you?”
Who said: “Do you realize I could kill you right now? Don’t make me snap this beautiful, slender neck…”

Creatus Boxed Set
What’s the VERY last word in the boxed setbefore Amazon asks you to rate the book?

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