How I use my Emotional Rollercoaster to my Advantage...

How do I keep myself and family from going insane during my up-and-down emotions, especially over a family get-together or major life events?

How do I use my own personal strengths and weakness to my advantage?

I write during and about them. I keep a running notepad on my iPhone of my thoughts and feelings throughout normal events, such as eating out, grocery shopping, vacations, holidays with family, and children’s events. Anything that will make my characters more believable. But I also go one-step further.

After all, how do you write about a character's tragic death when you just spent a great day with friends and family over a holiday weekend. Sometimes I can. Occasionally, when all is perfect, the writing flows effortlessly, but other times it doesn't. So, if I am experiencing a particularly strong emotion, I'll seek out a scene that requires that sentiment, reread, and almost always edit accordingly.

When I am feeling down, I seek out a troublesome period in my protagonist’s life, be it past or present. My depression works to my advantage because the words on the page reflect my inner turmoil. The reader will feel the character’s pain and be able to empathize. And a plus, after pouring out my frustrations--as though I've spoken to a good friend, who only listens--I usually feel better when the section is finished.

When I am happy, my joy spreads like wildfire, and so the reader will sense my excitement and therefore feel the happiness my characters are experiencing.


Well, you get the idea. The reader should feel as though they are a part of the scene, as if they are either the main character or at minimum, a close friend.

Isn’t that what a great novel should accomplish? The reader should feel chills spread down their arms and butterflies in their stomach at the idea of a first kiss, their pulse should race as if they are prey in a game of cat and mouse, and when appropriate, they should even shed a tear.

So if you're like me and fret when all the extended family is around, don't get upset. Sneak away and jot down what your mother did to upset you. Use it! :) 

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Until next time, happy reading!

Carmen DeSousa

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