Sweet, Sexy, and Stalwart... Meet the Leading Men in my Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection

Different men, different backgrounds, different lifestyles, all searching for the same thing. Of course...when I say meet my men, I mean...let me describe them to you. I've always been adamant about not having men on my book covers. To me, the best thing about reading is that my imagination builds up in my mind what I believe the leading character looks like, and my image will always be different from the readers...one of the reasons I believe movies fall short for avid readers. Yes, I do have a lot of male readers, but men are visual. So...

Men, enjoy the covers! Ladies, Happy Imagining! :)

Meet the rugged detective and construction company owner from
She Belongs to Me
Jordan is also in...
Split Decisions


At that precise moment, the man sitting in her booth looked up from his menu, acknowledging her presence.
Wow! Now she understood Amy’s grin and offer to assist. The man at her table was a real looker. Not in a generic Hollywood way. He was a genuine all-American, but striking male. The man’s face, chiseled and sculpted to perfection, stared back: square chin, high cheekbones, and angular nose, all framed by a neatly trimmed beard trailing up his jaw that only added to his rugged look. His hair was a deep brown, almost black, and cropped short, military-style. His build resembled an officer of some sort. His shoulders were broad and held back in perfect posture, and based on their width, she now understood the need for a larger booth.
His eyes were the best, though. He had a lightly tanned complexion with dark brows, and beneath thick eyelashes were a set of arresting steel-blue eyes. They were beautiful. The shock of electricity that shot through her, though, was incapacitating. She couldn’t think; ‘wow’ wasn’t quite enough to describe what she felt. Her feet felt as though they were rooted to the wood floor below her, and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d just gawked at a complete stranger.

Meet the southern hottie and whitewater guide from

If she compiled a list, Chad would fill itright up until the chosen career line, which would probably be foremost. He was exactly the correct height, about six-foot tall, she guessed. He had dark hair with a small amount of curl that went whichever way it pleased but worked for him. His skin was dark from all the hours in the sun, she assumed, which caused his brilliant blue eyes to stand out. And his buildshe sighed...his arms and shoulders were incredible. He looked as though he’d just stepped out of a Hollister advertisement.
She shook her head to escape the ridiculous thoughts racing through her head. Remember the plan, Cassandra. This is merely a six-month detour, and then she was back on the plan. It wasn’t like her to get her head turned so easily; she was forever sensible.

Meet motorcycle-guy from 


Nicky held onto the stranger’s waist as he carefully drove out of the parking lot, nothing like Jonathan would have.
He was handsome. He had one of those faces that was just pleasant to look at, one that you couldn’t help but trust. His face was round and kind looking with a tiny cleft in his chin. He didn’t smile much, but the one time he almost did, when she’d asked for a ride, she could see the semblance of a dimple on his cheek. His hair was sandy brown and his eyes a deep hazel. He was taller than she was, too, and that was saying a lot. A little overdressed, though. Why would anyone go out on a Saturday night in dress pants and a button-down collared shirt and tie? And on a motorcycle, nonetheless.

Meet Tom Turner, defense attorney in:


She examined Tom as he sat across from her. Man, he was good looking. She probably shouldn’t be thinking about things like that, but she couldn’t help it. He had the prettiest hazel eyes that stood out under long sun-bleached eyelashes. His hair was light brown, but it too had a natural hint of gold in it.
He dug inside his briefcase. “So,” he began, as he removed a manila folder with her name written neatly across the tab, “they dropped the charges?” It was a question, not a statement. He folded his hands on the table and looked up at her for an explanation, it seemed.
“I’m as shocked as you appear to be,” she admitted.
One side of his mouth inched up as he leaned back and crossed his arms across his chest, revealing how well built his upper body was. “Well, at the moment, I’m still bound under attorney-client confidentiality. Care to elaborate? Since you told me that you struck your husband—excuse me, ex-husband—but it’d been done in self-defense. Are you in danger?”

I hope you enjoyed the peek at my leading men. If you'd like to read more, all of the novels in the Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection are less than a Starbucks Vanilla Latte! And if you belong to Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can download them all with your membership.

Until next time, happy reading!


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