The rules of social media and writing are the same as we learned in kindergarten. #AmWriting

I know we’ve heard this before, but I wasn’t sure if anyone had put it in social media and writing vernacular, so here goes:

Make Friends: I don’t follow everyone, but if we share a common interest—this usually means writing, reading, thinking about writing or reading, or know someone who writes or reads and supports them—I usually follow people back on Twitter and Facebook.
Do Onto Others: Again, I don’t share everything, but if I read something I think my friends would have interest in, I retweet and share posts, especially when it’s from someone who shares my posts. J
If you can’t say Anything Nice…Really, this should go without saying, but I still see it. Nothing wrong with having your opinion, but that’s exactly what that is: your opinion. Don’t get in a fighting match; that’s what the ‘unfollow’ button is for. takes two.
Say You’re Sorry: If you do offend someone, say you’re sorry.
Play Fair: Play by the rules. Unscrupulous activities make life hard for everyone. Whether it's social media tactics or marketing ventures. Use the old standard: if it feels wrong, it probably is.
Share: The most shocking thing I heard from an author once was that she didn’t follow other authors… What? I laughed! Authors are readers; authors have readers who follow them. I can write about four books a year. Some of my readers—like me—can read that many books in a week. It only makes sense that if my readers like me, they will probably like what I like. SoI share! We trade readers. Make sense?
Use the Buddy System: Indie authors have limited money and resources. Our best advertisement is each other and word of mouth from our readers. Find some buddies. Don’t go this alone. I’ve never worked with a more supportive team than writers.
Have snack time: Stop writing and chatting. Go find some chocolate and coffee. Your head will be clearer when you return.
Appreciate beauty: As children, we go on field trips, look at pretty pictures, read classics. As an adult, we still need inspiration. Leave your comfort zone. Go find something beautiful and write about it.
Sing / Listen to Music: Nothing lends more inspiration than music. Whether it’s a sad country song or an instrumental piece, add some music to your routine.
Wash Your Hands: I knowyou’re saying, “What?” OkayI’ll take this one step further. If you have writer’s block, stop! Go get the snack I mentioned, and then take a shower. Start with hot water to alleviate stress, but then finish with cold water as long as possible. If you don’t know about this, read up on it. The negative ions created from the water hitting the tile and the drowning out of all other sounds are the best way to get your mind thinking.
Nowgo write your blog, your book reviews, your tweets, your Facebook posts, or preferably your WIP!

Until next time, happy reading and writing!


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  1. Very enjoyable post, Carmen! Like you, I believe in "caring and sharing," making new friends, and being polite. I also enjoy listening to music, having regular snacks, and washing my hands! Lucky for me, I live in Colorado, where I can appreciate beauty 365 days a year.

    Happy reading and writing to you, too!

    1. And you do a great job of caring and sharing, Linda! Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and sharing. <3

  2. Carmen--you spoke from the heart! I agree with you entirely. Nice gets us farther along that bullying or spite. It really does take a community to help us
    sell books. And that community is the indie author. I follow hundreds. And buy and read their books. #amreading! When I need to be #amwriting!

    1. Yeah...I never understand bullying. Even when people do it anonymously, they don't realize they're hurting themselves. Being mean and hateful is hurtful not just to others, but to our own souls. In then end, people who 'hate', go to bed lonely and hopeless. And without love and hope, we have no chance at a happily ever after.

      Thank you for being a lovely soul, Jackie! <3