Why would an author offer a best seller FREE?

The answer might surprise you... In my case, it's because I want you to read it.

In general, authors write because they love writing. Most of us didn’t just decide in college that this was our career choice; we’ve been writing as long as we could hold a pen.

We were great pen pals, journaled, didn’t mind writing our grandmothers a thank you note, passed messages back and forth in school, and usually drove our boyfriends/girlfriends crazy with our four-page love letters

But there’s one thing every writer I know loves more than writing, and that’s "being read." And more importantly, readers reading our writing and then letting us know it touched them.

As most writers, I tend to check my book stats. But there’s something I do that proves my above assessment about myself — and I assume other authors — is true. When I jump behind my laptop in the morning to see how my book fares in the notorious Amazon ranking system, if I see there’s a new review, I read it before I do anything else. Sometimes I peek through one eye and see how many stars it received. But even if it’s less than stellar, I confess, I read EVERY review.

I truly care what my readers think, and several of my books are a direct result of reader feedback. I had no plan to write a second installment in the Noonday books. But when readers cried out that they didn’t think one of the characters got a fair shake, I complied. The same thing happened with my short stories. Readers said they wanted more, so I listened.  

No, I don't give away all my books; I do have to eat. But every once in a while, I will give away one of my books. To me, it's like buying you a cup of coffee, hoping you'll stay and have dinner with me so we can get to know each other better. I may not be the person you want to hang out with for more than one afternoon, but at least we'll know...without committing to a full dinner or weekend retreat.
: )

So if you like a thread of romance, suspense, and mystery finely woven together in one story or even a hint of paranormal, please click one of the links below for a FREE copy of one of my #1 bestsellers. After that, all my books are always priced "less than a latte" at Starbucks each, so you can afford to come back and read them all.

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  1. I read this book and loved it. Kept waiting to see who the bad guy was and worrying it would be this one person... you surprised me. That was an excellent story.

    1. Thank you so much, Kayelle! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. She Belongs to me was my first novel, so I'd like to think I've gotten better, but I still like to write with what I call 'magic' hands... "Watch what this hand is writing, while I write something else with this." LOL!!! I'm so glad it worked on you. Hehehe, as that's the job of a mystery writer. BUT...I truly believe that anyone who reads my books, if they look back, they'll see the clues were staring them in the face. I never trick or invent an entire new suspect that you've never seen. I just try to get you to focus on someone else. :D