Why I CAN'T discount anything but the first books in my series...even though I'd love to.

It's not that I wouldn't love to put ALL of my books on promotion, I WOULD, believe me. Funny thing that many readers may not know...most authors actually make more money on books when they offer a book FREE or $0.99 (for a limited time) than when they sell them for $2.99 - $4.99.

Offering a book FREE or $0.99 creates a buzz, reaches new readers, and qualifies for great advertising through book blogs such as eReader News Today and Book Bub.

But the reason I can't--or don't--is because it does a disservice to many readers. Many readers may not have read the first book in the series...and sadly, even putting that the book is part of a series on the cover or in the book description, many readers don't read the description when they find the books on a book site...or they get upset because they have to pay full price for the first book in order to enjoy the book special. This is particularly important when a book is offered FREE. Often, readers simply don't read the description when a book is free, especially when it's advertised on a site they trust...like Book Bub or eReader News Today.

I know many authors still offer their second, third, and fourth books on special, but...as much as I'd love to make the extra money, it just isn't worth it to me to upset my avid-reading friends, which leads to poor reviews, which no author can afford. I made that mistake once before--I have the poor reviews to prove it--so I'll never do it again. I do, however, ALWAYS offer the rest of my books for 'less than a latte' each, some permanently priced as low as $0.99. And...here's the GREAT news. If you're like me, and love series, Kindle Unlimited only costs $9.95 a month, less than the price of some other eBooks. And then, you can read more of my stories FREE. I hope that's an awesome compromise. :)

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