Merry Christmas and Happy Reading! Did you get a Kindle? Fill it with Great Book Deals here!

Merry Christmas, my avid-reading friends!

I hope y'all are enjoying time with your friends and family over this special time of the year.

And hopefully you got some new NEW KINDLES...or iPads, or iPhones, or Tablets...or even some Amazon Gift Cards that we all look forward to on Christmas Morning. 

As always, I have a few gifts and a few discounted books for you to fill those new gadgets, so take your pick!

Almost all of my books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. If you like book series and read more than two books a month, Kindle Unlimited is the way to go. 

For more information, visit my Amazon Page and click on the Read for Free option on any of my books!

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading, my friends!


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