First week into the new year... How are you doing?

Me, ummm...well, not too much. I managed to lose five of the fifteen pounds I wanted to lose, but those are always the easiest. If I could keep losing the first five pounds two to three times, I'd make my goal. Why doesn't that happen???

Writing... NADA! But in my defense, hubby and son have been home this week, so I hope to hit the writing hard starting tomorrow. I even wrote down a schedule, which includes everything I do in a day except bathroom breaks. LOL! Really, I even wrote down how long I was allowed to play on Twitter and Facebook.

Editing... Pretty good. I can't write when hubby and son are home, so I worked on formatting two of my books for print. I didn't even yell or scream at the computer either, so that means I nailed one of my other goals: no complaining. And if any of you have ever tried to format a book for print, you know that was a huge accomplishment.

What's next? 

Hmm...not sure, but I've been feeling overwhelmed lately, wondering if everything I do is worth my time, the reason I wrote the schedule. I love social media. I love connecting with readers, but sometimes I wonder how much connecting I really do. I try so hard not to be white noise, but then I wonder... So, I'm going to try harder to connect, get into conversations, because I really want to know what readers want.

So, that's it. Just rambling, I guess. Thanks for listening. Hope your goals are starting off at a faster pace than mine are. And please, if you have questions, whether you are an aspiring author, published author, or a reader, ask me! I truly love to help or hear your thoughts.

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends!


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  1. I love your ramblings and 5 months old granddaughter is trying to steal my Apple Jacks while our new kitten is trying to make my neck and the top of Charlie's head her resting place - literally if she doesn't stop coming back each time I relocate her :) A busy life is a happy life! #grateful
    Everything you do is worthwhile to me. I love your books and I feel like we've made great connections on social media. You are my author friend and I think you are great! Keep writing, I'll keep reading :) See you around soon ;)

    1. Ahhh...that's so sweet, and it sounds as though you have your hands full--in a good way. Nothing like grandbabies and kittens to keep you young, right?

      Have an awesome year, my friend!