Health issues... Just one of the problems with being a pantser. Must...keep... #AmWriting!

Text-to-speech apps don't work for pantsers

If you aren't one of the unlucky peeps who've heard me complain about my shoulder surgery, I'll save you the moaning and groaning, and just talk about how it's affecting my work. I thought for sure I could plan out my upcoming books. Just this once I hoped my characters would give me an entire synopsis for a story. 

But no...two to three chapters is about as far as I can get, and even that info is vague. :(

So...what's a writer to do? Well, if you're sit around thinking up a bunch of other stories you want to write, but don't have time to. In fact, one idea that came to me had me so excited to read that I went looking to see if it'd ever been done.

Nope! Couldn't find it! So, I now have sixty-eight ideas in my 'My Writing' app. And I'm doing the one thing I'm good at: taking notes! I might not have the ability to be creative using text-to-speech, but DANG, it sure is great for taking notes. So, I keep talking and talking, coming up with great one-liners that my characters will say, ideas of what they're like.

The process is far from an outline, but the great thing is that I can even do it in my car. So...whether you're going through similar issues, or just don't have time to write, check out some of the great apps that are available, or get a voice recorder.

However you do it, it doesn't matter. If you want to be a writer, you have to live and breathe it. You must make time to write EVERY day, even if you're just taking notes, keep your characters alive and breathing!

Until next time, happy reading and writing!


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