"What do women want?" If you don't know, maybe you're wording the question wrong. #AmWriting

Ahh...the age-old question... 

What do women want? 

A short introspection in time for Valentine's Day. For product manufacturers and partners. :)

The question...whether you're a man, author, fashion designer, or automotive manufacturer shouldn't be what women want, but what a woman wants. From there, you need to market accordingly.

Thankfully, we--I'm a woman, so I can speak with authority--all have different tastes...in everything!

Women like different types of men, whether average height or tall, burly or lean, blond or dark haired, brown-eyed or blue-eyed, athletic or not, city boy or country boy... Shall I go on?

Women like veggies or meat, wine or beer, cheesecake or carrot cake... 

Not all women like chick flicks, some like thrillers... 

Not all women like yoga pants, some prefer jeans.

Not all women like BMWs, some of us like trucks.

Soooo...if you're trying to sell a product, you need to make sure that the consumer knows what you're selling, because remember, there's no way to know what every woman wants. But for your targeted audience, you should try to give them what they want, so you have to be willing to listen to your customer so they'll return for more.

As for my products--books--I try to explain exactly what is inside, so I don't reach the woman who hates love at first sight or strong male leads. I also don't put full-face images of men on my covers, so she can make up her mind what her book boyfriend will look like. :)

As for the partner of a woman, watch, listen, ask... Not all women like flowers, not all women like jewelry, not all women like chocolate, as much of a shocker as that is. But she likes something... 

Need an idea? If she reads, take a peek at what she's reading, sit down and view what she's viewing, watch what makes her eyes light up.

One woman isn't hard to understand...if you're paying attention to her

Until next time, happy reading and writing! 


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