Ever run across a post that reads... 'How to write more realistic characters...' #AmWriting

Occasionally, I run across a post that reads something like... 'How to write more realistic characters...'

I know everyone won't think that my characters are real, but that's okay...they're real to me and 97% of my readers, because they are real.

Why??? Because I refuse to read posts on how to write realistic characters. Instead, I watch people...EVERYWHERE. 

I pay attention to EVERYTHING they do while they eat, shop, talk, fight...

That's how you write realistic characters! Get out of the house, out from behind the computer, and People Watch! Just sayin'!

Now, get back to reading, writing, or people watching.

Me, I'm trying to write as much as I can this week before I go back for surgery next week. While I was gone last week, I took plenty of pictures and notes while people watching. Now...I get to write! 

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends!


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