Creatus Animus is Finally Available!

You can officially download CREATUS ANIMUS Today!
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Oh, and as I promised, if you've already purchased the boxed set, it is updated with the new release. If you don't know how to update your set, simply leave a comment below, and I'll help you out.

If you haven't read the Creatus series yet, or would like to share it with a friend, here's your chance.

The Prequel and Book One are available in a Special Edition Set for FREE!

Until next time, Happy Reading!


If you haven't read the first three books, don't click this sneak peek.
There WILL BE spoilers!


  1. Is Creatus Animus going to be available in paperback?

    1. Hi, Shilo!

      Thank you for asking. Yes, Creatus Animus will be in paperback, but I just switched publishing companies so the series will be available in bookstores, so it's taken a little while to get all of my books re-formatted and printed. I'll make sure to let you know as soon as it's ready, which will be soon, hopefully.

  2. I purchased this the box set off Amazon but it looks like I only got the preview for Animus. Can you please let me know how I may update my copy? Please and thank you! Great series!

    1. Yes! I know exactly what you need to do. I’m out of my office right now, but I’ll post the information in a little bit. 😍

    2. Found it!!!

      This is Amazon's exact response, and I've used it to update my Kindle books, too, so it works. It usually only takes about fifteen minutes. :)

      ​​...customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content. ...but you can contact the Kindle team at ( to request the newest content to be sent to their device. When you request, give them the ASIN: B00KGK9A5A

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

      Happy Reading!

    3. Thank you so much! I need to work on my patience because I get so excited I just bought Animus anyway! But that's fine by me! I love supporting authors who brighten my world! I am very great full for your help, though. I've recommended your Creatus Series to a bunch of people so if they need this fix, I can pass it along!

      Thank you again!

    4. LOL! Well, I thank you very much for that!!! I hope you enjoy Animus. I'm working on the follow-up series now, but it's slow going because of a lot of personal stuff. :/

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      Thank you again for reading and sharing my books with your friends.

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    5. Thank you! I've just signed up for the newsletter! May your creativity flourish and flow freely!