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A new breed of creatus has been born--or rather, REBORN!

Vev, one of the first generations of creatus talis, finds herself torn between her younger family members and a forbidden love as she fights to save the young talis from being turned into a weapon -- or worse -- annihilation.​

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  1. Hi. My name is Samantha I love the creatus books when will book 7 be out the last book end with Christina 8 myths pregnant Megan pregnant adean is pregnant i love these books so much I can on listen to books because I'm legally blind cant wait for to see what happens what everybody babies are etc love your books


  2. Hi, Samantha!

    Thank you so much for reading the Creatus series and letting me know you enjoy them.

    Yes, there will be two more books coming out Creatus Talis. I don't have an exact date yet because I had to stop and write the Midnight Sons series.

    I do hope that I will have release dates by the end of the year, though.

    I have an affinity for audiobooks, too. My grandfather was blind, so when I was a teenager, he and I would listen to them together. That's one of the reasons I make sure all my books are available via audiobooks.

    Where do you get your audiobooks? I do offer many to libraries, so I hope you are able to get them through there.

    Please let me know!

    Thank you again for letting me know you are enjoying the series.

    My best,