Books aren't the only products offered FREE or at a bargain price! #AmWriting #AmReading

And let's face it, books are an author's product.
I just finished reading another article about authors complaining about free and bargain books! I've written on this subject so many times...pretty much for the same reasons stated in the article...

The argument simply doesn't hold water.

Before you think that you are losing business from other authors, or if you're a reader, wonder if a book is worth less than a higher priced book because it's on sale, think about this...

Any marketing firm will tell you, don't give away the store, but a loss leader works. 

If promotions didn't work, advertising ANYTHING wouldn't work.

Newspapers, mailers, fliers, radio ads, TV, billboards, and umpteen other places, offer coupons, BOGOs, sale prices, 30-day trials, and freebies to get you to try their product.

Whether it's Cocoa Pebbles versus Cocoa Krispies, a Big Mac versus the Whopper, or Ford versus Chevy, retailers know they need to show you that their product is just as good as the next guy's product--wait,'s better!!! 

Try us out so we can prove it!

Plain and simple, Indie authors use a free or bargain book to find new readers. 

Should we apologize for this?
Absolutely not!

I met some great friends when my book sat next to Nicholas Sparks' book--while it was in the movies. Do I want to meet more peeps? Heck yeah! I love when I meet new avid-reading friends.

Will I continue to offer the first books in my series free or at a bargain price? You betcha.

But no...even though I would make more money by discounting books two, three, and four, I can't do that.

Why? Because it's a disservice to the reader. If you're interested, you can read why that's not fair to the reader--my opinion, of course--here: Why I CAN'T discount anything but the first books in my series...even though I'd love to...

Here are some similar articles, with a little different take:

Until next time, happy reading and writing, friends! 


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