Yes, I'm a Christian, and Yes, I write Romantic-Suspense

I love reading all genres of books. I know, I’ve said that before, but I really do. I’ve read everything from Beauty and The Beast (the original) to The Godfather. I’ve said that before, too, but bear with me, as I will try not to repeat myself too much. The reason I mention those two books is because they are so opposite of each other, and I believe reveal to my readers that what I mentioned above is true. I love to read!
Well, I guess I don’t read everythingI’m not into sci-fi—though I would probably read if something caught my attention—and, I stay away from anything extremely graphic as in rape, hurting children, or anything that glorifies any type of violent act.
That said, on to my point of this blog about me being a Christian and writing romantic-suspense.
I read tons of Christian books as well as secular books; I don’t limit myself to any specific genres or markets. If it catches my attention, I read it. If it’s bad, I put it down, but I usually find something good in everything.

What I have found in Christian books, however, is that publishers of ‘Christian’ books tend to allow violence—to the point of breaking every bone in a child’s body—but absolutely refuse to allow any romance that even alludes to sex, even between a married couple. One of my favorite authors, Ted Dekker, ran into this with his novel Immanuel’s Veins. I found absolutely nothing offensive about this book and truly wonder if these publishers have even read the bible.
Song of Solomon is completely sensual as it is about the King and his love. Research seems to confirm that the Song belongs to Biblical wisdom literature and that it is wisdom’s description of an amorous relationship. The bible speaks of both wisdom and love as gifts of God, to be received with gratitude and celebration.
it views the Song as a linked chain of lyrics depicting love in all its spontaneity, beauty, power and exclusiveness—experienced in its varied moments of separation and intimacy, anguish and ecstasy, tension and contentment. The Song shares with the love poetry of many cultures its extensive use of highly sensuous and suggestive imagery drawn from nature.”
Isn’t that beautiful? And so contradictory to what we see on TV and in the movie theatre. We instantly censor anything to do with making love, but are okay with graphic scenes.
Well, as you have probably expected, I write romantic scenes in my novels. Are they graphic? No. Sensual? Yes. I leave a lot to the imagination, as I believe every writer should do to some extent in all scenes. As an avid reader, I love when a writer describes a scene, but I also love how my imagination goes wildeven playing out scenes in my head while I sleep as to what will happen next.
So, if you enjoy a PG13 movie filled with mystery, suspense, and of course, romance, I believe you will love my novels.

As always, happy reading, friends.


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  1. I'll read almost anything. When I'm bored I even read the cereal box. LOL I've read and reviewed books in almost a dozen genres... That said, my only problem is with an author who writes books but gets overly preachy in them. I own almost all of books written by Father Andrew Greeley. He writes Catholic books but you don't feel like he is pushing anything at you.

    Publishers today seem to be following the money instead of the reading public's wants. I think that's a damned shame.

  2. That's me in both accounts, as I mentioned...

    Who needs to be bored...I think the cereal box is where I learned to read. LOL!

    As to my writing, I share my beliefs, because they are a part of who I am, but I never preach.


  3. This is all very interesting. I agree with Carmen regarding the violence seen on TV and movies vs. more intimate scenarios depicting love between two people. This is the reason we went with this post ... so that there is a dialogue.