Interview w/ @Lahongrais—I mean Sinner #AmWriting #RomanticSuspense #BlogTaxi

I’m guest blogging today with Minnie Lahongrais—I mean Sinner, as I believe she has taken over the blog from Minnie today to conduct my author interview and then tomorrow because of my controversial blog post, “Yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I write Romantic-Suspense”, so make sure you visit tomorrow too.

As Sinner is somewhat feisty when she takes over, she made me promise not to share my entire interview, because she wants you to come visit and play with her for a while today.

So, here are the first couple of comments she allowed me to share. For the rest of my interview and tomorrow’s blog please visit: Lahongrais

How did you come up with this story?  Honestly, I just sat down one day and started typing. I had an idea, and from there, it just blossomed.

How do you get your juices flowing? I use little snippets of reality and mix in a whole lotta ‘what if’. I will literally be driving down the road and an idea will pop in my head. Thank goodness for Dragon Dictation on my iPhone.

As a writer if you can relate, please read more on Minnie’s blog. As a reader, I hope you’ll enjoy a little look at the craziness us authors often go through to get a story on paper.

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