#SixSunday “He Wished He’d Never Been Born” from #WIP LAND OF THE #NOONDAY SUN #RomanticSuspense

My Newest novel will be available this spring, so until then I've been sharing little snippets of the prologue—six sentences at a time—until it publishes. If you’d like a brief look at the mini synopsis and last week’s six sentences, you can sample them through this link: Land of the Noonday Sun

We left you off last week with his mother apologizing and Walter wondering why, when she never apologized.

This week's six:

Especially when she wasn’t responsible.
Walter rolled over, drew his legs in tight and repositioned himself into a ball. He wished he could change the past, wished he’d never returned, wished they’d locked him away forever. It was his fault; everything was his fault. He wished he’d never been born. Only fifteen and he’d already ruined his life. 

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  1. Oh, the poor guy! He's so young to feel that way.

  2. The despair certainly comes through, effective depiction of teenage angst...hope it gets better for him! Great snippet!

  3. poor guy! And so like how someone his age thinks, great 6!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I have a 14-y-o and a 19-y-o son. I had my 14-y-o (my biggest fan) read the first three chapters, he actually made me change a line. He said, "I would never say that." So I changed it. LOL! I will tell you, though, it definitely isn't a YA. Just had to start at this timeline---it's very important. Please stay tuned. ;)

  5. Gripping six. Angst-ridden. Love that!

  6. Aww, poor guy. Such angst as only a teenager can feel it comes through loud and clear. good luck with your release! (and thanks for RT'ing my SSS tweet)

  7. Aww! Walter needs a hug. Gripping six!