February is over and so is #BuyIndieMonth. I now have 87 books to read in 2012.

Yes, I will read every one of them, and yes, I will review them all, so hang in there.

And for those authors who I regularly talk with...as I've said before, be assured, I'll buy more. I'm addicted to books!

If you use Novelines, BookLook, RomanticSuspense, SixSunday, BookBuzzr, ThrillerThursday, TuesdayTeasers, or other book hashtags on Twitter, chances are I'll see your book and want it.

I'm an addict; I simply cannot stop! And though it may take me some time, I assure you I will read them all, and if I like them, I'll review them when I'm done. Heck, sometimes even if I don't like them, I'll find something good to say, offer up what I thought was good that other readers will enjoy, because we all have different tastes.

So if you see yourself or someone you know on my list of books, please pay it forward.

And if you decide you want to buy my newest novel, here is the link: She Belongs to Me

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