Excerpt from LAND OF THE NOONDAY SUN: “If His Father Couldn’t Save Her...”

This week's excerpt: “If His Father Couldn’t Save Her...

“Priscilla,” he heard his father’s peal of agony. “Priscilla, my God! No! Please don’t do this to me!”

Walter bolted out of bed and sprinted down the hall toward his parents’ room. His heart pounded fiercely in his chest. His legs felt heavy and sluggish as if he were in a nightmare. “Dear God,” he prayed. “Please…”

Rounding the corner of his parents’ doorway, he saw his father administering CPR on his mother.

“Dad?” he choked out, his voice trembling. “Is Mom—” He couldn’t frame the word.

“Call 911!” his father shrieked.

Walter couldn’t move. His mother lay lifeless on their king-sized mattress, a bottle of whiskey on the nightstand alongside an empty bottle of pills.

“Walter, call 911!” his father belted again.

He did as instructed but knew it wouldn’t make any difference. If his father couldn’t save her, nobody could.

According to readers, Land of the Noonday Sun includes… "Passionate characters, beautiful setting, true love, & a bang-up mystery"

When two strangers have nothing left but their dreams, they must forge a relationship in Nantahala, North Carolina, a small town known as Land of the Noonday Sun.

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  1. I am SO invested in this poor family thru your snippets! Powerful writing indeed! I hope poor Walter can hold on and keep moving ahead, despite the sad events.

  2. Oh god, poor Walter! And great characterization too with how he thinks of his father...

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  3. Damn. That seriously takes me somewhere I'd rather not be. Great six.

  4. Aww...very sad but nicely written.

    Exciting about your upcoming release...congrats :)