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When life takes the wind out of your sails, tack and go in a different direction.

I am a Florida native, born and raised in Daytona Beach. I spent my days sunning, surfing, or sailing, but sailing was my favorite. Soaring swiftly across the water with no sound of a motor and no gas fumes to detract from the salty spray was pure heaven for a teenager full of angst.

However, one of my favorite destinations was an island on the other side of the Halifax River where I’d dig for clams. The problem, I just had a little sunfish with one sail, and it wasn’t an easy task to sail into the wind.

How does this relate to life, writing...anything?

I learned I could tack and go in a different direction. I could find a new course. Even if I had to sail upriver from my target, I could get there.

And though there were times when the wind ceased and left me stranded in the channel, I knew eventually, a small gust could put me back on track, so I just enjoyed the solitude.

Until next time, happy reading, my friends.

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  1. Carmen
    I love sailing metaphors. Great post.
    Best wishes with all your new releases

    1. Thank you, Jo-Ann, and thanks for leaving a comment.

      It's been a long time, so I couldn't remember my 'sailor' lingo, but growing up on the water was the best part of my childhood.
      Water is such a part of our life, as we all know we can't live without it. But it's hard for me to live without it mentally too. When I lived in a state where there were no beaches, no open bodies of water to gaze upon on my way to work, I somehow felt trapped. I didn't realize until I returned to my Florida beaches how much I missed them.

      So yes, you will see waterfalls, whitewater rivers, and beaches in all my books. I love water! ;)

  2. I've never been sailing, but a few years ago, I would take my kids to the Yellow River Park, where there was a river you could swim in. The kids would play in the sand and at the water's edge. My favorite spot was a gigantic rock that rest partly in the sand, the rest was under water. My favorite thing to do was kick off my shoes, climb the rock and sit and listen to the water as it ran by. If you turned with your back to the woods, you felt as if you sat in the middle of all of that running water. It was the perfect place to think. I wish we didn't live so far away from it now. Man do I miss those days! Great post, Carmen!

  3. Carmen, I loved your post! It's a good way of looking at life, not just sailing and writing. I used to sail in years past, so it hit home for me. Also, I know Daytona Beach well as I used to live right next door in Ormond Beach. Best wishes with all your writing and books.

    1. Thanks, Teri.

      Yep. Daytona Beach was my stomping ground as a teenager.

      And I actually lived in Ormand for a while. Right off Nova Road. There used to be a drive-in theatre that I could hear, and if I went to just the right spot in the neighborhood, I could see. Not always good for a young girl. LOL!

  4. Hmm? I guess I'm supposed to take this post with me for a while, huh? Good. I think that's a good thing. I promise to meditate on this for a while. Thanks for sharing, Carmen. Have a great week.


  5. Lovely post...though not a sailor, I definitely agree with the message. =)

  6. I'm with Ann, and much in need of ideas of this kind right now. I do my best to deal with the where the flow of life and meet it head on (but not necessarily butting heads ;) Thanks, Carmen!

    1. Uh...that would be 'where the flow of life leads me', lol.

    2. Thank you, Johanna. You know...I know I wrote this...but I actually needed it today. Sometimes we know all the things we are supposed to do or how we are suppose to react to the things out of our control, but we don't always follow those steps. So I'm glad I was able to inspire you in a small way, and because of your comment, I feel a tad bit better after the horrible day I had yesterday. So thank you too! :)

    3. At present, personal matters that could be a lot worse are keeping life a bit hairy at my end. Hope yours was an isolated 'bad day' and that you feel peace in your situation. I just keep trying to find a focal point re: writing and keeping my head together while 'living life on life's terms.'

      Thank you, too, for leaving me a message on Twitter. I greatly appreciate it. Take care and enjoy your day!

    4. I hope all works out for you. And yes, writing is a great means of escape. My issues are trivial at the moment. I've lived through enough in my life that I don't sweat the small stuff. But it's still nice to get reminders. Have a great week! Happy writing! :)


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